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This December we celebrate the first anniversary of opening the doors of our beautiful boutique in the wild, SHARI’S.

In true Cheetah Plains style, SHARI’S is the result of a unique vision and collaborative effort in pursuit of creating a one-of-a-kind safari shopping experience for our guests, driven by the exceptional style of owner Shari van Niekerk.

“While sourcing and creating the finest collections and exclusive designs, we’ve had the privilege of meeting and collaborating with top-tier suppliers dedicated to their craft and the art of luxury from South Africa and beyond.” Shari Van Niekerk

Each piece in our ever-evolving range has been either hand-selected or personally designed, offering guests a personal touch while boasting top-quality design using innovative materials and responsible processes. “We have crafted our offering for today’s intentional and discerning buyers, who appreciate the detail and time in the process of creating beautiful things,” says Shari.

We look forward to refining and discovering as we continue to build on what we have started. It’s only the beginning.

Shari Van Niekerk


Make cheetah plains your private sanctuary

For a truly exclusive safari experience, the lodge can be booked for sole use.