Cheetah Plains

Exclusive Houses

Welcome to Cheetah Plains exclusive Plains Houses, home of the definitive exclusive-use luxury sustainable safari in South Africa’s most celebrated wildlife area, the Sabi Sand Game Reserve. Exclusively yours, the Plains Houses play host to your private safari experience of a lifetime.
A bold departure from its humble safari lodge beginnings, Cheetah Plains has undergone a complete metamorphosis. Today, it is a beacon to the eco-luxe safari set and a collaborative expression of South Africa’s rich heritage. Proud owner, Japie van Niekerk’s vision for the property is finally realised.
Each of the exclusive-use Plains Houses at Cheetah Plains accommodates a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 guests per house, offering you and your safari companions the ultimate private safari experience in the splendid Sabi Sand Game Reserve.

A sophisticated, innovative eco-luxe safari experience for the modern age.

Private exclusive-use Plains Houses, each exquisitely appointed, boast a formal lounge, dining area, expansive sun deck and swimming pool, wine gallery, chef’s kitchen, entertainment lounge and sumptuous Private Guest Suites. Booking a Cheetah Plains House secures an exclusively private luxury safari experience all to yourself.

Sustainable Safari

Cheetah Plains is a pioneer in its class and the undisputed home of the definitive upscale eco-safari in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve. Our expert team of safari guides and trackers will guide your personal discovery of this prolific, significant conservancy. Owner Japie van Niekerk’s singular approach to sustainability within our footprint on the Sabi Sands delivers an eco-safari of unrivalled quality.

We have partnered with some of the world’s pre-eminent minds in the renewable energy field to provide clean energy solutions that drive both our hospitality and safari experiences here at Cheetah Plains. Guest accommodation is entirely ‘off the grid’, harnessing the power of solar to provide us with a reliable, renewable energy source at Cheetah Plains. Use of grey-water recycling systems ensures our water consumption on the property remains as frugal as possible.

Further carbon footprint-reducing innovations include the use of single-glazed, clear, low-E glazing throughout the Plains Houses. This energy saving glass reduces heat transfer through windows, keeping interiors cooler in summer and effectively retains heat in winter.

Creating local employment and supporting the local early childhood development center in our neighbouring community of Utah are additional tangible ways in which our holistic approach towards sustainability is being lived out. Additionally, all suitable food wastage accumulated at Cheetah Plains, is collected and transported to Utah 2-3 times a week, for use as pig fodder.

About Us

Here, the adage, ‘patience is a virtue’ certainly applies. It was only many years after South African owner, Japie van Niekerk, acquired Cheetah Plains Private Reserve that his vision for it would come to fruition.

That is, for Cheetah Plains to become the home of the definitive luxury concept safari in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve and indeed, the world.

By design, our concept safari property embraces our splendid natural setting in the most original, elegant way.

Every aspect reflects Japie’s personal style and preferences beautifully. Finally, over a decade after acquiring Cheetah Plains, his dream of transforming this private piece of Africa is realised.

Our world-class, proudly South African hospitality team are ready and waiting to welcome you. Feel at home at Cheetah Plains, your private African safari escape.