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As the year comes to a close we are humbled and happy to see the importance and impact of grass roots education on this years little graduates. This studious and playful group of 17 children, aged five to six years old, have been taught over the past three years by a truly dedicated and caring team of community educators, led by Angie, in preparation for grade one.

We would like to wish the class of 2022 as they journey to “big school” next year. This past week we have had the privilege of donating school bags and food for the graduation party to the leavers and all the younger children celebrating their achievement.
We also welcome the next generation of children in the new year as they start their formative years at the Lezagwa Utah Community Crèche and watch the development of the incoming class preparing for their grade one in 2023.

Cheetah Plains is committed to community upliftment and creating local employment. In supporting the local early childhood development center in our neighboring community of Utah we constructed the Lezagwa Utah Community Crèche in 2019. This facility supports the employment of teachers and assistants that care for over 60 children between 6 months and 5 years old. The creche relies on funding through donations at the lodge to supplement their programme.

Going into 2023 there are certain special projects and initiatives that will improve the facility that have been prepared for direct donations.

These include security fencing, the purchase of a photocopy machine and key educational materials.

Cheetah Plains in partnership with Conor Mccreedy has announced that proceeds from the sale of BLUE SULTAN made through the lodge’s new boutique, be donated to Lezagwa Utah Community Crèche.
Each limited edition book has been signed by Conor Mccreedy and is available for sale at Cheetah Plains for R6500.

To order a limited edition book please contact: marketing@cheetahplains.com

For more information on our partnership and commitment to the Lezagwa Utah Crèche initiative, as well as donations, please feel free to contact us directly.


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