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staff stories

Meet Clementine, one of four of our magnificent and fabulous hostesses at Cheetah Plains.

Known for her beautiful smile, positive attitude, and general zest for life, Clementine is an invaluable part of the guest experience at Cheetah Plains.

With her cheerful demeanour, Clementine has a way of seamlessly orchestrating every detail of a guest’s stay according to their personal preferences and requirements; her natural ardour is to anticipate every need and exceed every expectation, from arrival to departure.

Having worked in hospitality for ten years, and previously held the position of manager on an international cruise line, she has a deep appreciation for getting to know people from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds. “Getting to know our guests makes me feel as if I am travelling,” she says, as she meets people from all over the world. She uses this as an opportunity to strengthen her knowledge and offering, not only in hospitality but also in broadening her own cultural expertise and proficiency.

Clementine has a passion for self-improvement and motivating the people that she surrounds herself with, both personally and professionally. She leads by example and always ensures that the Cheetah Plains promise is met with that special touch of personality, grace, and enthusiasm. She’s been described by Town & Country’s Adam Rathe as “formidable”, and she really is!


Make cheetah plains your private sanctuary

For a truly exclusive safari experience, the lodge can be booked for sole use.