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SAOTA, ARRCC & Poliform’s exhibition LIGHT SPACE LIFE, part of the sixth edition of the architecture biennale exhibition titled Time Space Existence, organised and hosted by the European Cultural Centre in Venice, presents Cheetah Plains!

The Venice Biennale provides a global platform for artists, architects and designers to showcase their innovative work to a wide audience while demonstrating their dedication to pushing boundaries and creating extraordinary design experiences, such as the one brought to life at Cheetah Plains.

The design explores the creative tension between our contemporary human existence and the raw, primal natural world. Through the architecture and interior design, we strive to forge connections and contrasts that enable profound and meaningful encounters with nature.

Design leader, SAOTA Principal and Founder Stefan Antoni

The vision for Cheetah Plains took hold in the minds of the architects, echoing their belief that any impression on this unique landscape should enhance the existing experience of being in the bush. Avoiding unnecessary filters, complimenting nature without interference. A reconsideration of traditional bush architecture led to a design aesthetic rooted in integration that brings the outdoors in, creating a memorable presence through a series of elegantly simplified edifices that are at one with the landscape.

The buildings and interiors are consciously restrained but layered in form, detail and materiality. They create a sensory platform to experience the African bush in its purest form.

ARRCC Director, Jon Case.

Since its inauguration in May, Palazzo Bembo has welcomed over 250 000 visitors. The exhibition’s video wall offers an immersive experience, allowing visitors to experience Cheetah Plains and explore the concepts of LIGHT, SPACE and LIFE whilst delving into the intricate relationship between architecture, nature and human existence.

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