Lezagwa Utah Crèche

Welcome to the Cheetah Plains’ Sponsored Lezagwa Utah Crèche
Miss Gabaza Angelina Mabuza purchased a piece of land from the Utah Chief and started her own crèche many years ago, without any government funding. Today she proudly and passionately still runs the crèche, caring for approximately 60 children aged between 6 months and 5 years.

Cheetah Plains is committed to community upliftment and embraced the opportunity to become involved with this very special place of care, safety, education and fun. Since becoming involved in the development of the Lezagwa Utah Crèche last year, we are overjoyed that none of the children take their naps on the floor anymore, we are humbled and proud to have constructed and furnished the new buildings, supplied a borehole, septic tank as well as flushing ablutions.

From July 2019, Cheetah Plains has implemented weekly food and grocery deliveries (including hygiene and cleaning supplies) to the Crèche. Each of the over 60 children receive 2 meals daily as well as a snack before home time. 
Central to the construction and development of the crèche, was the inclusion of a borehole and septic tank. As a result, clean water for drinking, cooking, washing and cleaning is now available at the crèche and accessible to the Utah community as a whole. The borehole is 141 meters deep and delivers 960 liters of water an hour. The septic tank facilitates the crèche’s flushable loos in the ablution block. 
Miss Mabuza, affectionately known to us all as Angie, has run the Lezagwa Utah Crèche from its inception, we are so proud of her and are happy to announce that she has recently received her study material and educational toys / equipment needed for her NQ Level 4 training. Angie will be busy completing her assignments and practicals with the children and we wish her the best of luck on this exciting journey.
For more information on our partnership and commitment to the Lezagwa Utah Creche initiative, as well as donations, please feel free to contact us directly.