As a proudly South African company we take the opportunity each year to support an initiative for Mandela Day.

Mandela Day is as an international day to honour Mandela’s achievements and legacy as the founding father of peace in South Africa on his birthday, 18th July.

This is not just a day of celebration, a key theme of Mandela Day is the tradition of carrying out community service or volunteering to those in need for at least 67 minutes. These 67 minutes are in appreciation of the 67 years that Nelson Mandela spent fighting for justice, equality, and human rights for all.

This year the Cheetah Plains team decided to give back to the local community clinic in Utah – a village close to the lodge. A core reason we decided on the clinic is to give back to the nurses, that tirelessly and relentlessly, manage the clinic daily. We wanted to show our appreciation after Covid and for their involvement in the vaccination process, always with a smile and a warm heart.

Our team prepared a cooked meal and a drink and a small thank-you pack that we took through to them.