At Cheetah Plains we are passionate about conservation, community upliftment, eco-friendly initiatives and sourcing products, produce and infrastructure locally, while still maintaining the highest possible standards. While we may be famous for our big game sightings, the Big 5, big skies and big smiles, we also make a concerted effort to not forget the seemingly smaller details. It’s these “little elements” that we believe go a long way in affirming our Proudly South African ethos, and by partnering with like-minded suppliers, we hope to contribute to the creation of jobs and promotion of our special country’s exceptional craftsmanship, world-class design and quality manufacturing.

One such supplier is Mungo and we couldn’t be happier to recently take delivery of a whole range of beautiful bathroom towels as well as table and kitchen linens at our authentic bush camp. We’d like to share the Mungo story with you.

“We weave and produce a wide range of quality linens, throws, blankets, bedding, towels and apparel. Mungo has been successful in attracting clients from around the world. Ethical trading and integrity underpins our philosophy, we are particular about sourcing quality natural fibres, we do not mass produce and our fabrics are constructed to last. We are fully prepared to make the sacrifices that this awareness entails.

By now we are all well aware of the strength of the Eastern industry and how it is affecting our local manufacturers. Today we challenge you to think about supporting the positive effects of locally produced merchandise. It really does uplift our own economy, produces jobs and educates communities. Our products stand apart and it is our focus to provide you with an original, quality product that will bring years of satisfaction.”


“Mungo possesses the rare ability to produce a fabric from the initial idea to the finished product. This allows us to be organic in our design process. Some of our designs are adapted from historic pattern books and given a creative or modern edge with tweaking here and there. We still lay out the design on traditional graph paper which is translated and punched by hand onto the pattern card. Once one of our fabrics has been designed and created we will take it home and live with it. It is tested and used. The product then grows from the cloth as we become familiar with its individual characteristics. It is from here onwards that our fabrics are refined, resulting in exemplary handle and quality.”

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Contact Mungo: Plettenberg Bay (+27) 44 533 1395 / Cape Town (+27) 21 201 2374 / Johannesburg (+27) 87 135 5988 /

PS… As you can see, our lodge staff were more than a little excited to receive the Mungo delivery, we’re all big fans of this proudly South African brand!